ECOBAT Technologies offers a specialist lithium-ion battery collection service. The OneCallCollection LithiumCollect service allows for safe and environmentally friendly lithium battery collection, dismantling and disposal.

Today’s technology demands have vastly increased the number of lithium-ion batteries in use. When these batteries reach the end of their lives, they can become dangerous and a challenge to recycle if they are not treated in the correct way. The high energy density and the risk of potential spontaneous combustion with these batteries mean they are classified as dangerous goods.

The employment of an expert third party to handle and dispose of these batteries is often necessary to be compliant with the law. This is where ECOBAT becomes your partner.


End of life lithium-ion batteries have the potential to cause serious harm if mishandled. LithiumCollect offers a fully integrated and legally compliant service employing a range of measures to protect those involved in the process.

All damaged or critical lithium-ion batteries are put immediately into storage. They are then transported safely to be recycled according to our strict guidelines.

Batteries are stored using special equipment and transport containers to comply with Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) regulations. Users of the OCC LithiumCollect service will receive our special containers to ensure safe storage on-site.

Furthermore, in transit, we utilise Special Extinguishing Agent to vastly reduce the risk of combustion and fire. These systems combined ensure the highest level of safety from collection to disposal.

Complete Solution

The OCC LithiumCollect service offers more than just safe, compliant disposal of lithium-ion batteries. Customers also benefit from advice and support from trained personnel, on-site evaluation of optimum safe storage, our specialist containers and evidence, documentation and statistics of disposal.

As part of our recycling loop and zero-harm ethos, all batteries are disposed of with minimum environmental impact and maximum reuse value.

We offer a range of containers and solution types for various scenarios. To find out more read our OneCallCollection LithiumCollect brochure, or visit