Lead battery collection and recycling is a core part of what we do at ECOBAT. Our closed-loop recycling system means we manage the recycling process from start to finish across our extensive group network.

This enclosed system allows us to maximise the return we get from recycled batteries, increasing value to our customers and providing greater sustainability.


Both the world leader in lead production and lead recycling, ECOBAT is proud to be a major actor in the closed recycling loop for lead batteries.

The process begins with one of our group businesses collecting batteries for recycling and delivering them to one of our facilities in your region. The core material from these batteries is then used by our smelters to manufacture the highest quality lead and lead alloys.


Our OneCallCollection® battery recycling service is a vital part of the European closed loop recycling system for batteries. Our motto is ‘any battery, anywhere’.

All waste batteries are considered hazardous and legislation around their disposal is strict. We have over 30 years’ experience in the safe removal of any type of battery or battery powered appliance.

We are widely regarded as experts in battery collection. Batteries collected range from major stand-by batteries to button cells. The batteries we collect are sorted and then undergo into a recycling process to be reused in an array of batteries and other products.

ECOBAT Logistics can collect batteries directly from you or show you to one of our safe battery banks. Our battery collection service is the safest, simplest and most environmentally friendly way of disposing of your batteries. Contact ECOBAT Logistics or go to OneCallCollection.com to find out more.


At ECOBAT, we are all about getting the most out of what we put in. Our battery recycling activities, in addition to lead, also involve the recycling of plastics and processing of other by-products such as sodium sulphate.

More than 75% of ECOBAT’s production of lead comes from scrap lead sources, including from waste battery collection. Our current best-case recycling rate of lead batteries is around 96%, however, we are constantly striving to improve this and aim to implement our first zero-waste project in the coming years.

We aim for continuous improvement and endeavour to increase our output and quality with investments in plant equipment and R&D.


The closed-loop system also minimises the logistical requirements of battery transport for recycling. By keeping the batteries we recycle within our logistics network and facilities, we can minimise the environmental impact of this process.

The recycling of lead batteries ensures any materials are safely reused. This, in turn, assists in our continuing drive to modernise lead production and the future sustainability of the lead industry.