With 27 distribution sites across 7 countries and a team of technical experts with decades of experience, ECOBAT Battery Technologies is the largest independent battery distributor and distributor of stored energy products in Europe.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies provides batteries to all industries, for all applications. From O.E. car batteries to renewable energy sources, we offer the latest stored energy innovations from the world’s most respected battery brands.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies is the sole European licence holder and distributor of Lucas and Rolls batteries, and is a key distributor for Exide, Varta, US Battery, Trojan and many others.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies distributes the latest Lead Acid Technology working closely with ECOBAT’s R&D team, ECOBAT smelters and leading battery manufacturers to develop products. In addition, ECOBAT Battery Technologies offers Lithium Technology in markets where this battery chemistry provides a more cost effective and reliable solution.

Beyond battery distribution, ECOBAT Battery Technologies offers a waste battery return service which forms part of the closed-loop recycling service from ECOBAT Technologies.

Every year, the ECOBAT Battery Technologies distribution network grows. The high standards of service, quality product and exceptional technical expertise is why ECOBAT Battery Technologies is Europe’s number one battery distributor.

For more information about battery distribution, visit www.ecobat.tech