Our polypropylene products Seculene® and Reprolene® are derived solely from secondary raw materials and are an innovative and premium polymer solution.

For over a decade, ECOBAT has been developing PP-recyclate as a high-quality alternative to industry polymers. Its density, impact strength, elongation and flow characteristics are equivalent to those of products manufactured from virgin material. Our expertise and the efficient use of recycled resources guarantee a consistent, reliable and high-quality product.

Our polypropylene solution can be specifically tailored to the unique needs of our customers. Seculene® PP is used in a wide variety of sectors with extensive polymer requirements, such as the automotive segment. ECOBAT works with a wide range of industry brands from planning and development through to unit production.

ECOBAT polypropylene is a hugely effective and durable polymer solution for a variety of tasks within this industry, including:

  • All kinds of car non-interior parts like wheel-housing protector shells, underbody claddings, cable conduits, water deflectors, guide rails, toolboxes
  • Starter battery housing
  • Water piping systems in building and construction

ECOBAT currently produces a range of more than twenty polypropylene qualities to ensure a solution for almost all requirements in any sector. These qualities include filled and unfilled grades, warm aging or UV-stabilized and glass-fibre reinforced grades.

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