ECOBAT´s core business is the production of lead and lead alloys, mainly from recycled sources.

Our lead products are used in a vast range of industries and solutions, including:

  • Batteries
  • Cable sheathing
  • Construction
  • Nuclear power
  • Medical and x-ray applications

As the global leader in lead production, we pride ourselves on our dedication to deliver the highest quality products. Our extensive smelter network allows us to offer a flexible and reliable solution manufactured to customer specifications for both large and small customers alike.

All of our lead smelting operations are certified to ISO 9001.

Lead & Lead Alloys

Branded Lead

ECOBAT can produce and supply high-purity LME* grade lead with a purity between 99.97% and 99.99%. We endeavour to supply the purest lead for specific and critical requirements such as for high performance battery oxides used in advanced lead batteries or in lead-based chemicals.

Soft Lead

ECOBAT offers innovative, highly refined soft lead products via our lead recycling and production processes. These products perform to the high standards in critical applications such as in premium batteries using AGM and EFB technology in automotive hybrid start/stop OEM applications.

The quality of our SUPERSOFT-ULTRA® lead combined with the sustainability of using recycled materials offers unbeatable benefits to our customers and improved cost-quality ratio.

We also offer high performance alloys including patented PERFORMANCE GRID 009™, a high temperature durability Ba alloy, and patented SUPERSOFT-HYCYCLE®, a soft lead micro-alloy created for improved battery deep cycling performance and charge acceptance. We can also design and supply tailor-made lead alloys thanks to our extensive expertise and R&D investment.

Lead Sheet

We produce the highest quality rolled lead sheet for the construction industry and radiation shielding applications. Our specialised plants manufacture a premium product to industrial standards including BS EN 12588 to ensure strength, durability via consistent thickness and grain structure.

All our lead sheet is manufactured from 100% recycled raw material thanks to our recycling loop system and environmentally sustainable processes. Alongside our core lead sheet products, our production facilities also offer:

  • Surface treatments
  • Sealants
  • Fixing clips
  • Accessories and tools
  • Insulation materials

Lead Anodes

By combining decades of lead metallurgy experience and cutting-edge casting and rolling mill equipment, we produce and supply premium RSR Anodes™ to hundreds of customers worldwide.

Our facilities in Europe, Africa and the US are best known for the highest quality anodes used in hydrometallurgical metal extraction (electrorefining and electrowinning of non-ferrous metals such as Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Cd, Mn) as well as lead anodes for surface treatment. Our services include:

  • Technical service and consultation around lead anodes for metal extraction
  • Cast and rolled lead anodes after individual customer specification with:
    • Individual head and blade lead alloys
    • Straight and steer horn copper bars in different copper alloys
    • If required, fully assembled with plastic spacers
  • Lead anodes for surface treatment, e.g. lead anodes for Cr-plating

Special Metals and Alloys

Our state-of-the-art smelting and production facilities mean we can supply a variety of special metals and alloys beyond lead, including:

  • Antimony lead alloys
  • Calcium/tin lead alloys
  • Doré silver
  • Tellurium lead alloys
  • Tin lead alloys
  • Copper lead alloys

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