ECOBAT Technologies has an extensive presence across southern Africa including a secondary lead smelter with battery collection and disposal services producing soft lead and bespoke lead alloys, a lead processing plant producing anodes for electroextraction processes, as well as a producer of lead and non-lead fluxes for the mining industry.

In addition, we operate a range of industrial manufacturing facilities in South Africa to provide greater benefit to our customers in Africa and beyond including secondary zinc and aluminium processing, industrial plastics and performance foam as well as mining of base minerals

Each facility forms a vital part of ECOBAT’s ever-expanding group network.

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Secondary Aluminium processing operation producing foundry alloys, powders and deoxidants.


Secondary Zinc processing operation producing zinc oxide, alloys, metals, dust and sulphates.


Manufacturer and converter of closed cell performance foams.

Dutton PlasticsDutton Plastics

Manufacturer and supplier of plastic moulded and extruded products for packaging and plumbing applications.

G&W Base & Industrial Minerals LtdG&W Base & Industrial Minerals Ltd

Mining and supply of specialised industrial minerals.

Associated AdditivesAssociated Additives

Manufacturer and supplier of lead litharge, fluxes and non-lead PVC stabilisers.

Castle Lead WorksCastle Lead Works

Manufacturer of general Lead products including Anodes for electroextraction processes.

Fry’s MetalsFry’s Metals

Secondary lead smelter with polypropylene recycling plant.