BSB Recycling GmbH

BSB Recycling GmbH (BSB), based in Braubach, Germany, is a traditional secondary lead smelter and leading producer of high-quality polypropylene compounds made from secondary materials.

The company was founded in the 17th century as primary lead smelter, converted into a secondary lead smelter at the end of the 1970s and completely modernised between 1984 and 1993. The polypropylene compounding plant was opened in 1990. Since then, continuous improvements have been made to maintain the highest possible operational standards.

The Engitec recycling process used in the plant has been praised by both the EU and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the best and most environmentally friendly process available.

Currently, BSB employs almost 100 people and recycles around 52,000 tonnes of lead batteries annually. Sources include lead accumulators from the automotive and industrial sectors.

BSB developed and produces over 40,000 tonnes of polypropylene as Seculene® PP and sells it to a wide range of industries worldwide. It is particularly valuable to the international automotive industry for the production of non-visible exterior parts.

Polypropylene raw material is obtained as a by-product of the processing of lead batteries. Furthermore, suitable polypropylene raw materials out of Europe such as regrind and granulates from recycling are procured and processed.