The BERZELIUS Stolberg (BBH) facility is one of the largest and most modern primary lead smelters in the world. The facility employs almost 300 workers, and utilises the second-largest software process system in Germany.

Founded in 1848, BBH implemented the QSL process in 1990, which to this day remains at the cutting edge of lead production. Tailor-made logistics solutions for the worldwide receipt of raw materials, including warehouse and rail, plus major investments and successful industry projects like the sulphuric acid pilot plant Bayqik®, have reinforced the first-class reputation of this facility.

The plant can produce 155,000 tonnes of lead and more than 100 different specifications of market-leading lead alloys. The market-listed high-purity lead has certified elements with an accuracy of 1ppm, and is produced under the brand name STOLBERG.

Thanks to its on-site silver plant, opened in 2014, BBH also produces 700 tonnes of doré silver, or Güldischsilber, via the separation of precious metals. Output includes 99.6% silver, gold, and platinum from lead concentrates, a product which is much in demand by the jewellery industry.

In addition to around 130,000 tonnes of sulphuric acid, BBH produces copper/lead matte and BERZELIT® slag.

BBH is world-renowned for setting international quality standards.