With almost 70 years of history and facilities in three locations nationwide, the APSM and STCM group represents ECOBAT Technologies’s lead smelting activities across France.

Jointly, the facilities in Pont Sainte-Maxence (North of Paris), Bazoches-les-Gallerandes (South of Paris) and Toulouse employ 130 staff and produce a total of 40,000 tonnes of lead and lead alloys annually. The output of these facilities is derived from the automotive and industrial markets via waste lead batteries and accumulators, supplied by the ECOBAT closed recycling loop process.

To meet the high operational and environmental standards of the ECOBAT group, all facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certified, with an ongoing focus on employee health and zero-harm processes. Both APSM and STCM sites will target to achieve ISO 50001 in 2020.