ECOBAT Technologies is built on a foundation of values that are integral to everything we do. How we do it is just as important as what we do. Every member of staff is proud to champion the values we stand for and demonstrate personal and professional integrity.


Each business beneath the ECOBAT Technologies umbrella abides by our Code of Ethics. This is the driving force behind everything we do and we are committed to living and demonstrating it at every opportunity.

ECOBAT is an industry name for consistency and trustworthiness. This allows us to form strong, long-term relationships with customers who know they can take us at our word.

Caring For Our People

We are constantly promoting dignity, respect, health and wellbeing amongst our employees. At ECOBAT we value our employees and support them to realise their full potential.

As part of our continuing push for health and safety improvements, we offer regular training and constantly develop better processes. With our Safe for Life programme we encourage all our employees to play a part in promoting safe working throughout our facilities. Our employees’ safety is our top priority.



ECOBAT strives for both social and environmental sustainability. As the industry leader, we take seriously our responsibility to drive our industry forward into a greener, more sustainable future. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more.

Maximising Value For The Customer

Everything we do at ECOBAT is for our customers. We offer a unique service with a fully compliant supply chain to provide a comprehensive and competitive solution. We excel at performing needs analyses and problem solving to identify what our customers want and the best way to provide it. Thanks to our advanced analytical capabilities, we can find solutions tailored to our customers’ unique requirements.

By being flexible, timely and reliable, we aim to be the best choice for customers every time.



As the industry leader in lead worldwide, we feel it is our responsibility to be constantly innovating. ECOBAT pushes the envelope in every aspect of our operations to ensure we are the best and drive our industry to keep up.

By continuously investing in everything from product R&D, new business and waste reduction models, to worker safety and production processes, we endeavour to meet and exceed this responsibility.


Compliance is a vital part of our processes. We strive to comply with national and international standards of quality, safety and environment in every area we operate in, including achievement of recognised standards: ISO 50001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and OHSAS 18001 (transitioning to ISO 45001).

We also enforce a strict policy of ethical compliance when sourcing materials. Our responsible sourcing policy requires all suppliers to be DRC conflict free and takes all measures to ensure our supply of materials does not originate from Conflict Mines.